Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Class

Well, since my Tuesday morning Hatha yoga class ended a few weeks ago, I have been attending a class taught by the same teacher on Monday nights. As usual, I am not disappointed with the quality of her classes and have been busy spreading the word.

As a result, I persuaded my friend and her sister to come along to class.  They have done yoga classes elsewhere so were eager to see what this teacher is like.  I am always singing her praises, chiefly because she is fantastic and also because as a woman in her seventies, she is inspirational. You can't blame them being extra curious for this reason!

The evening classes are longer than the morning classes and so, we are learning at a faster pace.  I also find that the evening classes are more challenging for me which is something I am really enjoying.  I am sad to say though, that even though I have been doing yoga for quite a while now, I am still unable for the shoulder stand.  I expressed this sentiment to my teacher at end of class and of course she gave similar wise advice as I received from the wonderful Esther Eckhart over at  'Don't be in a rush.  It will come in time. Yoga is about the being and doing not the getting there'

Since these evening classes come to an end for summer next Monday night, I am starting a new class this evening which should take me through the next eight weeks until my normal class resumes again.  If I like it, or it likes me, I intend to do both classes in conjunction  with each other in the future.

I actually got a great deal through the website which gathers all daily deals in one place.  I purchased 8 classes for the great price of 39 euros instead of 80 euros and I start this evening. Since it is a new studio,  I was delighted to be able to get a deal to try out their Hatha yoga classes.  The website is at for those who might be interested.

Of course, I am nervous starting a new class with new people in a place I am not familiar with.  I also worry that as a fortysomething first time yogini, I will be the most inflexible in class and will make a show of myself!  However, I have been assured this will not be the case, that there are others signed up who are in the same position and it is a quiet class.

In my saner, yogic moments, I realise that it's better to continue my journey of making changes in mind and body than to be worrying what others think.  As I journey on and try to turn around the years of negativity, drinking and eating too much and general self sabotage that I have done to myself, I hope to keep discovering new and affirming things in life.  And Yoga is definitely top of my list so far!

I look foward to sharing my experiences of my new class this evening so don't forget to check back!

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