Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deep Breathing helps anxiety at New Class

Yesterday evening I started a new Hatha Yoga class at the new Yoga4all studio .
Anxious not to be late and not sure of the exact location, I eventually arrive twenty minutes early.  There is parking right outside the building which I am immediately happy about.  As usual, this summer, it isn’t a very nice evening and I am glad to park the car nearby.
At first, I am a little unsure if I am actually in the right place.  The only sign I can see is one for ‘Church of the Word’. I assume this is a religious organisation so I anxiously push open the door, visions of being preached at crowding my mind.  I use my yogic breathing to bring myself to my senses and clutching my yoga mat, I venture up the stairs.
The building is silent and echoey and feels a little creepy.  I feel as if I have walked on to the set of Scooby Doo.   I hope nothing scary will happen! Then I see the studio.  I am in the right place after all.
There is nobody around so I tentatively push open the studio door. Still no sign of life.  It’s 5.45pm and the class is due to start at 6pm. I wonder if I got the timing right since the class time had originally been 6.30pm. The studio is large and airy and I like it immediately.  It looks like there will be plenty of space to stretch out and the anti gravity equipment looks interesting.  That will be for a future post!
There are two comfy seats outside the room, so I take one of these and send a few texts. I start to read my book and just before six, I hear signs of life. Three people arrive together and we have a nice chat about the class.  One girl has just started the week before, another has also taken the anti gravity yoga classes and another is a complete beginner.  I feel myself relaxing and enjoy the chat.  More people come and we wonder why we are crowded outside in a small space when the studio is open.  It seems that everyone saw me there and just followed suit!
We all go in together and the teacher arrives.  She is young and agile looking. My insecurity about my age and weight begin but I push them away with a few deep breaths. She asks us to lay out our mats and relax and then the class begins.

I enjoy the class and I am pleasantly surprised at how I manage the postures.  The only ones I have a problem with are the balancing ones.  I am surprised as I had managed tree pose with no wobbles that very morning. The teacher, Tara, is very gentle and smiley and keeps a good eye on us all to ensure we  are doing the Asanas correctly.  I have a little trouble hearing what she is saying at times, but it could be just down to my hearing. I don’t believe there are any poses to help with that! In saying that, with yoga, nothing would surprise me!
I leave the class very happy and vowing I will return to complete my eight classes. For those who are interested the class was at

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  1. So glad you found a class to fuel you this summer. Sounds wonderful.