Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Yoga helped me on a Family Holiday!

Since my last entry I have been on a family holiday to France.  I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the good weather and being able to swim twice a day, every day.  We rented a house that was literally a stone's throw from the beach. It was also situated quite close to the beautiful town centre of Collioure.

The convenience was paramount, especially with elderly in-laws and a three year old in tow!  I say elderly, but my mother in law is actually a very fit 73 year old human dynamo!  And that's without the benefits of daily yoga practice!

We had the upper floor which was like a huge loft studio with shiny wooden floors and white walls. It overlooked the sea and gave a truly beautiful birds eye view of the medieval castle.  It was a lovely space to practice my yoga in.  I didn't get to practice every single day, but I was delighted to manage five out of the ten days we were away.  After my husband and son would go down to start breakfast, I would lay out on the floor to begin.  

The poses and breathing exercises really helped to start my day off positively. As most people who go on family holidays will know, things can get very stressful at times.  It's hard to please all of the people all of the time and it's sometimes harder when there are family members involved.  The yogic breathing really came in handy at times! Along with a nice glass of French wine of course! I found it especially helped with my Father-In-Law issues.  My husband could have done with some yoga help at times but as he is not ready to embrace the idea of yoga at all, I didn't mention it!

We ended our holiday with a day and a night in Barcelona.  Oh, what a wonderful experience compared to last year!  Last year we had a stalking incident. (see   We were also too late to go on either the bus tour or the cable car ride over the city.  This year, it was a far better experience all round.

We experienced the cable car views of the city,visited the beautiful cathedral, almost had free hugs in the square (that's another story!) had a delicious outdoor evening meal and rounded off the night with drinks in an Irish Bar! I know, I know, going to an Irish Bar in Barcelona seems silly but we were curious about the Guinness and it proved to be delish! I felt much more alive and interested in all that was around me this year too.  Another benefit of the mindfulness and awareness aspect of yogic breathing and practice, I am sure!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I want to Feel The OM everyday!

I was quite sad to attend my last yoga class of the season yesterday.  I don't know how I will survive without my weekly fix until September.

I  practice a little at home but I find the discipline of the class to be more beneficial for me. Some days, the most I manage at home is my fifteen minute stretches before I get out of bed and fifteen minutes later in the day.  I know it's not enough but I am taking the advice of people who know better than me and just 'doing' it how and when I can. 

Candle Light With LoveYesterday, we did our full routine of warm up,various asanas/postures and relaxation.  It was a little different this week as we also chanted the various sounds that go along with each pose.  I hadn't had that experience before and it felt really good.  As we made the sounds, drawing each one out, I could feel the response in various parts of my body.

I also want to do the candle meditation regularly.  I loved when our teacher taught us how to do that. It's just the most amazing feeling, staring at the candle, then the flame, and closing the eyes until the red dot can be seen.  If we are also chanting the OM sound, I can feel the vibrations tingling through my body.

I used to laugh at the idea of people sitting around, meditating and chanting OM but now I get it!  I was positively tingling with life afterwards and felt like a new woman!

I want to feel the OM everyday now!