Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yoga Can Change Your Mood!

I was delighted to be able to attend my Hatha Yoga class at yesterday evening.

After a few hiccups in recent weeks, and a visit to Sweden, I was really missing guided practice. I get so much more from participating in a class than I do when I practice alone.  There is always something to learn from the teacher.

I have been feeling physically tired and lethargic the past few days but fighting hard against it.  The tiredness was making me snappy with my family, especially my mother and my son. I have been sleeping really deeply and waking with what feels like a hangover!  I literally dragged myself along to yoga, because, although I felt exhausted, I just knew that it would make my mood improve. And as usual, that was what happened.  I went in there feeling tired and a little down in the dumps and came out feeling elevated and alive.Okay, that feeling only lasted a few hours and I was in my bed asleep again by eleven but I was so so glad that I went.

The class also gave me the push I need to get back on the healthy eating track today. Suzanne led the class in a gentle, yet challenging routine and at one stage I had to face the mirror doing postures against the wall.  I was shocked as I looked at myself doing a twisting posture.  My hips looked positively humungous and thats after losing almost 17lbs!   It inspired me to get back to the mindful way I have been eating in the last while. I am not focusing on the losing weight, or focusing on any particular diet. I am focusing on being more aware of each thing I choose to eat in my day.

Yoga is about the best thing I have found to change my mood.  There really isn't anything else that can do so, so instantaneously, except maybe my little son's smile!


  1. How true my friend. I always come out feeling so much better than when I went in. Namaste

  2. Here I am, visiting your world for the first time and I see you have several blogs that I will explore eventually. I chose this one as the first to delve into, because I am a newbie yoga enthusiast. I am currently doing yoga at home with DVDs, but hope to eventually be able to attend some classes in my local area. I am sure, as you mentioned, that being in a class with the instructor there to adjust posture and movements is invaluable.

    On a personal note, your "first time" adventures make me smile. I, too, am in my 40s, and still am hopeful that marriage and children are in my future. That's still to be written in the clouds, but it gives me a boost of cheer and encouragement when I see other women of my age living that dream. I look forward to getting to know you better and will click to follow and subscribe as soon as I post this.



  3. P.S. I'd love to invite you to join me at my FB blogging group, Authentic Blogger (if you're not already a member)! Here is the link:

    Hope to see you there - it is a wonderfully supportive community full of equally wonderful bloggers. We're very interactive there. :)

  4. Thanks for the comment Mary, Graceful Lady. Hi Healing Morning/Dawn. It's lovely to connect with you, especially as you are also a newbie yoga enthusiast! I am literally obsessed with it,the improvements are so good. The home DVDs are a great start but in order to make sure you are in proper alignment and can do modified postures correctly, it would certainly be helpful to have a teacher to guide you.

    Glad you are enjoying my 'first time' adventures. I never thought motherhood would be in my futre but I am so glad that it is. I am 45 now and would love to become a mother again! I know it might not happen and many people think I am either mad, brave or selfish! Still, we all have different journeys and paths in life and what is right for one of us may not be right for another.

    I am already a member of Authentic Blogger but thanks for the invite!

    Lots of love



  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that those days, where I just feel bleh, and have to drag myself to do yoga. I usually tell myself "Ok just do 10-15 minutes, a little yoga is better than no yoga." About 5 minutes into my yoga practice I feel so much better and alive.

    It's amazing how yoga can make the mood and body feel so different. It brings peace and calm soothing energy back into the body and mind:)

  6. It's True that yoga can change bad mood into good mood. We have lots of asanas or poses which helps us to change our mood.