Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I want to Feel The OM everyday!

I was quite sad to attend my last yoga class of the season yesterday.  I don't know how I will survive without my weekly fix until September.

I  practice a little at home but I find the discipline of the class to be more beneficial for me. Some days, the most I manage at home is my fifteen minute stretches before I get out of bed and fifteen minutes later in the day.  I know it's not enough but I am taking the advice of people who know better than me and just 'doing' it how and when I can. 

Candle Light With LoveYesterday, we did our full routine of warm up,various asanas/postures and relaxation.  It was a little different this week as we also chanted the various sounds that go along with each pose.  I hadn't had that experience before and it felt really good.  As we made the sounds, drawing each one out, I could feel the response in various parts of my body.

I also want to do the candle meditation regularly.  I loved when our teacher taught us how to do that. It's just the most amazing feeling, staring at the candle, then the flame, and closing the eyes until the red dot can be seen.  If we are also chanting the OM sound, I can feel the vibrations tingling through my body.

I used to laugh at the idea of people sitting around, meditating and chanting OM but now I get it!  I was positively tingling with life afterwards and felt like a new woman!

I want to feel the OM everyday now!



  1. Are there any other classes that are available Claire? I would go through major withdrawal. It's funny you said that about laughing at the idea of people sitting around and chanting OM because in my class today I observed that wow - I am really doing this and feeling connected. It is transformational. Oh Shanti to you.

  2. The feeling of connectedness and acceptance is the best thing about it. Glad you 'get it' too. I have investigated other morning time classes but haven't found a class I click with. My teacher is very very special. She inspires me. She will be teaching evening classes right through July but evenings are hard for me to commit to as my husband often works away. Its just more convenient for me to do mornings when my little boy is at preschool. I will come up with something though!!