Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yoga Gives Motivation And Energy - I am living Proof!

I go to a beginner's Hatha Yoga class each Tuesday, thanks to the recommendation of a friend.

As mentioned before in this blog, I find the yoga teacher to be inspirational.  Indeed,  from talking to the other students, some have attended her classes for ten years. Even after that length of time, they say they come away learning something new from her.

I can understand this because every week I too come away with something  that I can use in my everyday life.  It may be an affirmation, a snippet of anatomy and physiology information, a spiritual idea or just plain motivation! I have found that since I have been attending yoga classes and doing a little practice at home, my motivation and energy levels have risen.  I am writing my blog more regularly and brimming with creative ideas.  It is certainly stimulating both my mind and my body. Both of these have become more open and more flexible.  I have less pain in my body and in my mind.  That can only be a good thing!  I am also slowly losing weight and eating more healthily.  I am more aware of the internal workings of my body and the hard work it sometimes has to do when I feed it badly.

Yesterday the teacher reminded us that the time that our mind tells us we are too tired and can't bother to practice, is the time we need to do it.  If we can just override the part of the mind that is lazy and just do it, we will instantly feel better.So too with blogging and most other  things in life!

This morning I actually came up against this, took the teachers advice and so far have had a busy but fun filled and productive day.  I will be doing a short practice at home each day but I really look forward to my Tuesday class.

Sadly, the last class before summer vacation is next week so I will have to rely on myself and my own yoga practice to keep me all fired up!


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